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This document lists the workstation labs available to students who are taking courses at the School of Computer Science, and/or ECSE, of McGill University. Anyone accessing the workstations in the labs must also be a holder of a valid computer account at SOCS.

Remote Access

Our lab machines power off to conserve energy when idle. To access a lab image machine please ssh to:

Trottier Building

Machines in the open area are physically accessible 24/7.

  • 3rd floor.
  • Available to ugrads and grads.

Machines names are:


  • lab1-x (x = 1 to 16)
  • lab2-x (x = 1 to 51)
  • lab9-x (x = 1 to 10) - Currently Unavailable
  • open-x (x = 1 to 32)